A world where all grandmothers age with dignity...

Our Areas of work

The need to have a unified voice for advocacy for grandmothers led by grandmothers themselves saw the establishment of Grandmothers Consortium.

Our core areas entail promoting collaboration, knowledge sharing and learning and joint resource mobilization. The Strategic direction of the Grandmothers Consortium is described under three strategic objectives

Advocacy: Improve national policies to create an environment that will promote the rights and needs of grandmothers in Uganda.

Research and learning: Grandmothers Consortium will use the knowledge and experience of members to undertake research on key themes of concern to grandmothers in order to inform policy advocacy.

Resource mobilization: Increase resources targeting grandmothers’ interventions.

Our Vision

A world where all grandmothers age with dignity.

Our Mission

To create an environment where grandmothers’ rights and needs are prioritized and integrated in all national programs in Uganda.