About us
A world where all grandmothers age with dignity...

About us

Who We Are

Grandmothers Consortium is an outcome of the Uganda National Grandmothers Gathering that brought over 500 grandmothers together sharing life experiences and learning from each other on pertinent issues. The Consortium is an NGO comprising of six (6) Ugandan grassroots organisations working with grandmothers to create a platform for advocacy and lobbying for their rights. Grandmothers Consortium brings together grandmothers and grandmother support organizations to advocate for the rights of grandmothers. A key objective is to reduce the impact of HIV and AIDS, poverty and associated burden of care for orphans and vulnerable children on grandmothers in Uganda. The mandate is to encourage the inclusion of grandmother issues in national and community based programming and legislation.

The Founding Members of Grandmothers Consortium are: Reach One Touch One Ministries (ROTOM), Reach Out Mbuya Parish HIV/AIDs Project, Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project, Phoebe Education Fund for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (PEFO), St.Francis Heath Care Services (SFHCS) and Kitovu Mobile AIDS Organisation(KM).

The Consortium’s role is to provide a platform for grandmothers and their organizations to undertake joint advocacy, research and resource mobilization in the interest of grandmothers. It is to also build partnerships to widen programme integration and support for grandmothers who work to turn the tide of HIV and AIDS by providing care to Uganda’s orphans and Vulnerable Children.

Our Vision

A world where all grandmothers age with dignity.

Our Mission

To create an environment where grandmothers’ rights and needs are prioritized and integrated in all national programs in Uganda.

Core Vaues

As a platform for grandmothers and grandmother support organizations, we value;

  • Team work
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Love and Mutual Respect
  • Integrity